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Disclosure, Interests and Sponsorship

Openness and transparency is in all our interests, and Ausdroid is no different.

Not many people understand how media businesses like ours make money, and the saying “if you’re not paying for a product, you are the product” is generally thought to be the case across the board. However, at least here, Ausdroid doesn’t sell your information or anything about you to make money. We make our money from advertising, sponsorships and commercial partnerships.

Further, the biggest events, announcements and conferences that affect mobile technology don’t happen in Australia; they happen in the US, in Asia, throughout Europe, and basically everywhere else. Ausdroid is regularly invited to attend these events, or to travel interstate or overseas for “media famils” (in other words, trips so we can become more familiar with a company, its products, or something its working on).

In the interests of transparency, we’ll log these sponsored travels here, and you can check back at any time to see who travelled, where, and who facilitated that travel.

We also log our commercial arrangements and advertising arrangements.


  • February
    • Daniel traveled to Mobile World Congress, Barcelona as guest of HTC
  • March
    • Daniel traveled to London, UK to attend Huawei P8 launch as guest of Huawei
  • April
    • Chris traveled to Singapore to attend LG G4 launch as guest of LG
  • May
    • Daniel traveled to San Francisco, USA to attend Google I/O (self funded)
  • September
    • Daniel and Jason traveled to Berlin, Germany to attend IFA as guests of Sony Mobile
    • Jason travelled to China (on the return trip from IFA) as guest of Oppo for a factory tour
    • Chris traveled to San Francisco, USA for Huawei product announcements and Google Nexus launch (flights self funded, accommodation by Huawei)


  • January
    • Jason traveled to Las Vegas, USA to attend CES 2016, as guest of Alcatel Australia
  • February
    • Chris and Rachel traveled to Barcelona, Spain to attend Mobile World Congress 2016 and later Amsterdam, Netherlands to for media famils as guests of Huawei (Rachel’s airfares self funded)
  • March
    • Scott attended a Holden Technology Focus event in Melbourne (no travel required)
    • Chris travelled to Queensland’s Gold Coast for the launch of Metricon Smart Stadium as guest of Huawei
  • April
    • Daniel traveled to Melbourne to attend Oppo R9 launch as guest of Oppo Australia
  • May
    • Chris traveled to Bali, Indonesia to attend Huawei South Pacific Conference as guest of Huawei
    • Daniel traveled to San Francisco, USA to attend Google I/O – partial sponsorship from ZTE (airfares) self-funded accommodation.
  • June
    • Daniel traveled to San Francisco, USA again, this time to attend Lenovo Techworld, as guest of Lenovo
  •  August
    • Duncan traveled to Sydney to attend Samsung’s local Note 7 launch, as guest of Samsung
  • October
    • Duncan traveled to San Francisco, USA, to attend Google’s Pixel launch event, as guest of Google. Duncan traveled with a laptop provided by HP for the purposes of the trip


  • January
    • Daniel traveled to Las Vegas, USA, to attend CES 2017, on a scholarship from the CTIA – The Wireless Association
    • Duncan traveled to Sydney as guest of Qualcomm to attend a 5G network briefing, including overnight accommodation and hospitality
  •  February/March
    • Duncan, Jason and Chris traveled to Barcelona, Spain, to attend Mobile World Congress 2017, with sponsorship from Alcatel, Huawei, Moto and Vodafone Australia.  Ausdroid will be using equipment supplied by Sony, and attending hospitality provided by Alcatel, Huawei, LG and OPPO
  • May
    • Daniel and Scott traveled to San Francisco, USA, to attend Google IO. Their travel is self funded
    • Jason traveled to Taipei, Taiwan, as guest of HTC to attend the HTC U11 product briefing
    • Phil travelled to Taipei, Taiwan, as guest of Dell, to attend Computex Taipei
  • June
    • Daniel traveled to Shanghai, China, to attend CES Asia, on a scholarship from the Consumer Technology Association
  •  August
    • Scott traveled to Shenzhen, China, to attend a factory tour and briefing with Huawei
  •  October
    • Jason traveled to San Francisco, USA, to attend Google’s Made by Google October 4 event for the launch of the Pixel 2 line and accessories


  • January
    • OPPO flew Scott to Sydney to attend a product launch
  • February
  • March
    • Daniel travelled to Beijing, China as guest of Huawei for media famils
    • Jason travelled to Paris, France as guest of Huawei to attend Huawei’s P20 and P20 Pro launch event
  • May
    • Daniel travelled to Mountain View, California to attend Google I/O. Google provided a media ticket (valued at approx $1,150 USD), and Daniel paid for his own travel/accommodation
  • August
    • Duncan travelled to Berlin, Germany as guest of Huawei to attend IFA 2018 and related product announcements
  • September
  • October 2018
    • Daniel travelled to Sydney as guest of Nissan Australia to attend a Nissan Leaf launch event
    • Chris and Rachel travelled to London, UK as guests of Huawei to attend an upcoming product launch. They has extended the trip by a few days for a spot of tourism.
    • Scott and Adam attended PAX 2018 in Melbourne as guests of the event organisers

Upcoming events

  • February 2019
    • Arrangements for MWC 2019 are yet to be made. Scott has booked his own flight to Barcelona, Spain, and will be reimbursed by Ausdroid for his travel. Other arrangements are TBA.

Sponsorship and Commercial Arrangements

Ausdroid has commercial agreements with the following organisations:

  • Google Asia Pacific, advertising solutions. Ausdroid’s advertisements are placed through Google AdSense unless otherwise disclosed.
  • WhistleOut, mobile comparison website. WhistleOut publishes comparison pieces of interest to Ausdroid’s audience from time to time (generally once or twice per week). Ausdroid receives a commission based on referrals and any subsequent orders/sales placed through the WhistleOut/Ausdroid comparison portal.

Ausdroid has ad-hoc promotional agreements with:

  • PureVPN – VPN service provider
  • 4TFY – VPN service provider