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Editorial Statement

Ausdroid Media Pty Ltd (Ausdroid) has created a statement of ethics that applies to all writers (and freelancers) on Ausdroid Media properties. These ethics will guide us to high quality journalism and demonstrate our promise to you that we’re not selling out for crappy content.

Reviewed: September, 2016.

We Don’t Sell Phones, Tablets or Computers

While we do have partnerships with some of our advertisers, we don’t sell any of the devices ourselves. If you have problems with a device, that has nothing to do with us — contact the people you purchased it from. If you contact us, we may be able to point you in the right direction, but unfortunately we cannot provide technical support.

We Show Advertising, But We Don’t Hide It

Ausdroid Media pays for its activities by selling ad spaces whether it be directly to an advertising client, or through a third-party ad provider such as Google Adsense. Advertising of this kind is placed in clearly indicated, typical advertising spaces. While you can block these using an ad blocker, we ask that you don’t, because this is quite literally our income. It doesn’t cost you anything to allow us to get paid.

While we may sell post space, this is a very rare occurrence and we always clearly identify a paid or sponsored post as such.

We do not — and will never — accept payments (read: bribes) to write a review about a device or service for a more positive spin on said product or service. If you want us to review your product, ask. If we don’t like it, we’ll tell you.

We Respect Sources

Ausdroid obtains news content and materials from a wide array of sources. Some of those sources wish to remain anonymous and we will honour that without exception. We will not pay to receive information and we will not probe for information where we feel it’s not appropriate.

Ausdroid Media requires all its writers to appropriately cite their sources where anonymity is not requested. We do not post other people’s work and claim it as our own.

We Conduct Ourselves Well

When appearing at public and private events, Ausdroid Media writers will act professionally and awesomely. If a company or PR agency offers to send one or more Ausdroid Media writers to an event that is completely or partially paid for by the company / PR agency, it’s likely that we will agree to go (if we are available to do so). We will not put a positive spin on the event or the products of the company / PR agency — we will tell it like it is, we won’t be bribed into putting you into our non-existent ‘good book’. We will be — and are always — grateful for hospitality provided, however.

We Can Do Professional Appearances

Ausdroid Media writers are sometimes approached by other media companies to appear as a representative of Ausdroid Media to speak about something Android or Chrome related. The appearances do not constitute endorsements of any products and/or services that are all talked about. Media appearances are, however, enjoyed by Ausdroid Media writers and we’re always happy to do them.

We Accept Review Units / Services

Ausdroid receives review units (phones, tablets, accessories, apps, cars etc) from many sources, which might include manufacturers directly, public relations firms, carriers, importers or units that we have purchased ourselves with Ausdroid Media funds, or with the reviewer’s own funds.

Our reviews will be about the device as we see it, there will be no positive or negative spin put on the review that can’t be backed up. The average period we have a review unit for is 2 weeks — this may be longer when agreed upon by both the member of Ausdroid and a representative of the company the device was sourced from.

If a review unit is sent to us in hopes that we’ll review it, we can choose whether or not we will review it. We do not accept every review request that we receive, for reasons of time, cost or conditions that we cannot meet.

On occasions, AusDroid is provided review units and offered the opportunity to keep the review unit after the review is completed. Where this occurs, writers are to notify Ausdroid Media’s director of the offer, and the director will decide what to do with the review unit. Ausdroid Media may:

  • Decline the offer to keep the unit.
  • Accept the offer, and keep the review unit as a ‘pool’ device.
  • Accept the offer, and giveaway the review device by means of a competition.
  • Accept the offer, and allow the reviewing writer to retain the unit.

In most cases, phones are offered as long term review units, which allows Ausdroid to retain the devices for future OS updates, for daily use by staff, and so on. This will not usually be disclosed, as it is an accepted industry practice.

Sometimes we will review a device / accessory / app that an Ausdroid Media writer has purchased for themselves or that Ausdroid Media has purchased for them. This will also be disclosed.

We Sometimes Do Giveaways

We love to have a giveaway every now as a way of thanking our readers and for a bit of fun. The products to be given away are usually provided by a third-party free of charge as a way of gaining exposure for themselves.Ausdroid does also purchase items to give away from time to time.

The fact that we’re giving away products should not be considered an endorsement of those products (though we do endeavour not to giveaway things that we wouldn’t want to have ourselves).

Ausdroid Media writers and their immediate family members are usually not eligible to enter giveaways.

We Reserve The Right To An Editorial Opinion

Every now and then an Ausdroid Media writer will write an editorial piece which is wholly their own opinion. Any opinion expressed should not be seen as approved opinion by Ausdroid Media or an endorsement on Ausdroid Media’s (or Ausdroid Media’s partners) behalf.