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NBN – National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network is how most Australians will connect to the Internet going forward.

To help you on your journey to connecting to the NBN and making the most out of your connection, we’ve got exclusive content on the best plans, best alternatives, connection guides and more.

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  • 31 July

    Telstra joins the push for fixing NBN Co wholesale pricing

    Opinions on the NBN vary across the spectrum, but one thing most will probably concede is that the service offering is far from perfect. There’s been a growing chorus from NBN retailers calling for a review of the wholesale pricing structure which would – if accepted – ultimately lead to …

  • 27 July

    Australia’s NBN now reaches 10 million homes .. mostly with last century technology

    This week the government-owned NBNCo announced that Australia’s National Broadband Network had passed 10 million homes, with those properties now able to connect to the national network. With just one year until the network build is scheduled to be completed, there’s 1.6 million homes to go. The network, which began …

  • 18 July

    Think your NBN is quick? NBN Co has connections approaching 1Gbps in field tests

    The original promise of the NBN – before the subsequent Liberal government screwed it – was near universal Fibre to the Premises which would – with upgrades – have enabled gigabit connections to most Australian homes in the very near future. However, with the much less impressive NBN we have …

  • 12 July

    Google’s redesigned the News tab in search results, rolling out soon

    Google’s been going through a bit of a visual refresh cycle of late, working out how to present better information rather than more. Your News search results are the latest to benefit. Curiously announced by way of an animated GIF on Twitter (no blog post, no extensive insight into the …

  • 11 July

    Could a quick snip make your NBN faster? How to make sure your home wiring isn’t slowing you down

    Let’s face it – the NBN is a mixed bag at best. If you’re lucky enough to have Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), you’re probably enjoying super fast internet, assuming you can get a data point to where the NBN installed your modem. But what about the majority of people …

  • 11 July

    Dodo faces an ACCC penalty for false advertising

    Some of Dodo’s NBN plans from November 2015 through March 2018 were advertised as “Perfect for Streaming”. However, to tech-savvy customers, the 12 megabit download speed and 10GB data cap on those plans would suggest otherwise – and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission agrees. The ACCC found that Dodo’s …

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