While the NBN is officially “finished” a lot of Aussies still can’t get a good connection. So poor, in fact, are the connections that a mobile connection provides a better solution to accessing the world wide web.

In recognition of this need, D-Link has launched the G415, an AX1500 4G Smart Router. Users can slip a data SIM into the router and enjoy the full speed of 4G LTE CAT 4 on an uninhibited Wi-Fi 6 network. This will work perfectly for your home, or, take it with you to enjoy easy networking and web access in a mobile office or as a holiday solution.

The G415 also has an impressive array of AI technology and features to ensure your experience is the best possible, this includes:

  • Traffic Optimisation – Maximising available bandwidth to users
  • Intelligent channel selection – Keeps users connected to the best channel for speed and minimised congestion
  • Capacity to become a part of a Mesh network through AI Mesh
  • Parental controls – Protecting your family from some of the online perils
  • Alexa and Assistant integration for basic network controls
  • Capcity to load share or fallback to mobile connection from a fixed NBN option
  • User activity reports
  • Automatic firmware updates to maintain high level protection from online threats

The G415 has a built-in Health Mode which enables users to schedule Wi-Fi transmission hours. This is with the aim to reduce the possible effects of electromagnetic radiation, maintaining a balanced family lifestyle and conserving energy. There’s plenty to like about the G415, perhaps the next step will be a 5G option to work with MNVOs getting access to 5G networks.