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“OK Google” sensitivity now widely available for most speakers

A week ago we reported on Google's announcement that they would be soon introducing the ability to fine tune your Google hotword sensitivity. The good news is that it is here and works for devices other than just...

Samsung’s S Voice will soon be dead: long live Bixby?

Remember Samsung's S Voice? Barely I bet. It was Samsung's first attempt at a digital assistant and those who used it will know just how good it was (spoiler: it wasn't). Come June this year and...

Google Assistant can now read web pages out aloud to you

Google are continually adding new features to Google Assistant with a view to making is helpful and useful to all. Today they have added another new feature, the ability to read web pages to you. Announcing the new feature...

New Google Assistant rolling out to G-Suite users

Last year Google announced a new Google Assistant but the catch was, for some reason, it was not available to anyone who had a G-Suite account on their phone. At the time it seemed a strange decision given...

Samsung accidentally reveals Galaxy Home Mini date

It would seem Samsung is getting ready to finally release its Bixby-powered Galaxy Home Mini speaker with the company accidentally announcing and releasing the expected availability date on its website -- before removing it completely. Samsung published an article on...

D-Link launches new AI cameras at CES 2020

There is so much going on at CES 2020 that it is getting difficult trying to keep track of it all. This year D-Link have come to CES and are announcing some new cameras into their lineup. The new...

Google announces a raft of new features for Assistant

Google often makes a large impact on CES with their Assistant offerings and this year they hope it to be no different and have started things off with an announcement of new Assistant features. The helpful home Google have come a...

Google pulls the plug on Xiaomi’s Mi Home integration with Assistant

A lot of people are very concerned, and rightly so, with others getting access to their home security camera and now that has eventuated, and not by using insecure passwords. A user who had some Xiaomi cameras installed...

Google publish their impressive breast cancer screening using AI results

In the ever-expanding list of companies under its umbrella is a company Google purchased called DeepMind, a UK-based AI company. As part of DeepMind, a health section was incorporated into the Google Health initiative with a view to bring...

Big W tech Boxing Day deals

Discount department store Big W is offering some great tech deals as part of this year's Boxing Day sales, whether after some future gifts or after something for yourself. The deals include: Chromebooks: Lenovo 11” 100e Chromebook - $325 Lenovo 11” C340 Chromebook...

Hey Google, Play Game of Thrones on Foxtel

Foxtel Now and Foxtel Go users can now stream and control their favourite shows with just their voice, simply by using the Google Assistant and Chromecast.Users of Foxtel’s Go and Now apps can ask the Google Assistant to start...

Chrome on the Pixel 4 can be controlled by the new Google Assistant

Now that the new Google Assistant has arrived in Australia it is fun finding all the new features that are available to us. One of them that has surfaced to day is that it can be used to...

Real time Interpreter mode rolling out to Google Assistant on smartphones now, Australia included

Earlier this year Google Assistant on smart speakers received the ability to translate conversations in real time. Unfortunately though this was limited to the smart speakers and never made it to smartphones, until now. Google have today announced on...

Google just made customising your Smart Clock easier and better

Google Assistant as well as other smart assistants are working their way towards deeper integration with our lives. The Lenovo Smart Clock is just another step towards complete integration and some changes to the software outlined in a...

The new Google Assistant will arrive in Australia “soon”

When Google released the Pixel 4 they included with it a new Google Assistant but unfortunately that Assistant was not included in all regions, including ours. At the time Google told Ausdroid that it would be arrive towards...

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