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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Allo is getting better GIF integration, animated emoji and one-tap Assistant access

Still using Allo? Yeah, we're not either, but there are still some people on that train and for them Allo is getting some new tricks today with Google announcing one-tap Assistant access, GIF integration and animated emoji. The Google Assistant...

Google begins the replacement of ‘Voice Match’ phone unlock with an Assistant-only view

Last year, Google announced that it was getting rid of the ability for voice match to fully unlock a phone, because frankly it was way too insecure for anyone's liking. Initially, this was just on the Pixel 3 range...

New Echo Auto enables Amazon Alexa voice commands in your car or truck

Amazon Australia has announced it is now accepting pre-orders for Echo Auto in Australia. The first Echo device designed for use on the road, Echo Auto lets you have Alexa as your driving companion, whether in your car, van or...

Telstra exploring a Smart Calling feature integrated with Google Assistant devices

Ausdroid has received information which suggests Telstra is working with Google to bring phone calls on Google Home to Australia. The feature, which has been live in the US, Canada and UK for some time, allows users of Google...

Google bringing a new ‘Android Auto for Phone Screens” to the Play Store for...

At Google I/O this year Google gave a lot of time to the new changes that were coming to devices for Android Auto. We have already seen the interface changes to the Android Auto projection to a display...

Xbox one now has some capacity to work with Google Assistant

It was over a year ago that we heard that Google Assistant and Alexa may come to the Xbox platform. It has been some time in the making but has finally appeared, but with the caveat that it's...

Samsung has finally launched their assistant Bixby…in Korea

Samsungs Voice Assistant Bixby is a notably missing feature from the Galaxy S8/S8+ launch, but it's finally rolling out to users, at least if you're in Korea. The update to enable Bixby, and finally give some utility to the hardware...

Samsung’s Bixby will soon talk to Google apps on your Android phone

In a world dominated by two voice assistants - Google Assistant and Alexa - Samsung keeps fighting to make their virtual assistant relevant. At CES this week Samsung announced that Bixby will soon be able to 'talk with'...

LG’s TVs will come with Google Assistant in 2018

LG is readying to announce a range of new OLED powered TVs at CES 2018, including one that's apparently 88-inches big and features 8K resolution, but that's not the biggest news. No, in 2018, LG's new TVs will come...

Google adds payments setup to Google Assistant, kind of

As the Google Assistant continues on its wandering journey of adding new features, we're getting an indication of the next new addition: payments. Users in the USA have begun to see a new menu option for 'Payments' showing up...

Huawei announce their new digital assistant, Huawei Assistant

Huawei announced their second flagship for 2019 overnight -- their flagship sans-Googley apps and services. One of the big advantages of Android with Google is the Google Assistant but of course without Google Services Google Assistant will not...

Amazon’s Alexa Speakers get Followup Questions option in Australia

Amazon enabled Follow-up Mode in Australia for Alexa powered speakers today, nine months after the feature debuted in the USA. The feature allows multiple questions to be asked in a row without saying "Alexa / Echo" each time. It was...

Facebook is building their own virtual assistant right into Messenger called ‘M’

Facebook has joined the ranks of Google, Microsoft and Apple, announcing they too are getting into the virtual assistant game, building the functions right into the Facebook Messenger app. Rather than a search replacement like Cortana or Google Now, Facebook's...

With Google Assistant, IFTTT and Belkin’s WeMo, I’ve automated my garage door

The smart home has been often promised and typically half delivered, few products exist that deliver you "the package", and to be honest that's still the case today. However, with the right combination of pieces, you can get close,...

Google Assistant Actions early access program open to developers

Back when Google first launched the Google Assistant at the made by Google event they promised an "actions" platform that would allow developers to integrate into Assistant. Today Google has taken the wraps of the first component of that...

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