It’s very easy to become reliant on smart assistants to help with your daily life. Unfortunately, from time to time there are features that get dropped. Unfortunately for Alexa users, it’s your turn to lose a bit of function.

In an email sent to users with Microsoft or Gmail accounts connected to Alexa, the team outlined the changes:

This means that you will no longer be able to link your Gmail or Microsoft email account with Alexa to browse or manage your email, and any linked email account(s) will automatically be unlinked.

This change will also impact related email features such as email routines and email notifications. Additionally, we will no longer support email package tracking if you have opted into this feature to receive updates from retailers outside of Amazon. However, you can continue to ask “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” to stay on top of upcoming Amazon deliveries.

No action is required from you for this change. If you have a calendar account linked to Alexa, this access will continue to work.

So it’s not all bad news – you’ll still be able to run your calendar based interactions, but anything linked to email is going offline in just a couple of days.