When it comes to home networks, times have changed and without fast data, you may as well not bother. That’s why so many houses are starting to move to mesh Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 6 systems and install quality, structured cabling.

It’s covering the latter, that D-Link has delivered a new 6-Port 2.5G Gaming and Media Switch. It has five 2.5G Ethernet ports and a 10G Ethernet port aboard. This isn’t a $50 special, it will set you back $399.95 but has the potential to transform your home entertainment centre.

The capacity of a multi-gigabit switch means that your router can be feeding data to your Playstation and/or Xbox to download a game from your Gigabit NBN, while streaming to your smart TV, having someone accessing media from your NAS, having some capacity to spare and all while looking slick.

If you’ve got a particular device you need access and data prioritised to, you’ll be able to via the port-based QOS. Having had “performance” switches in the past, it’s pleasing to see that D-Link seem to have thought of just about everything making this a fanless, meaning silent, switch so as to not interfere with your media consumption.

The DMS-106XT 6-Port 2.5G Gaming and Media Switch is available now from www.dlink.com.au for an RRP of AU$399.95