Today we have confirmation that the Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) has landed in Australia. The announcement confirms the immediate availability of the device, along with the Australian pricing of $399.00. The interest in the new device is high with many new and upgraded capabilities.

Entertainment options galore

Being a 10.1-inch touchscreen device, with adaptive brightness and a motor to follow you, the Echo Show 10 can become the centre of your smart home living area. Consistent with the Amazon hardware movement, the upgraded audio provides high-quality audio that adapts to your space. If the audio capabilities are not enough for your entertainment needs, the video streaming options are an enticement for many potential buyers with Amazon Prime and Netflix heading the list.

Communication and Smart Home controls

The Echo Show 10 has a 13MP camera, which has a 110° field-of-view. The camera will pan and zoom to keep you centred in the frame during calls and for photos. The camera can also double as an indoor security camera which you can access remotely via the Alexa app or other connected Echo Show devices.

If you’re in the process of planning your smart home, the built-in Zigbee hub will give you the option to set up compatible smart devices, without needing to purchase additional hubs. You’ll also be able to connect to existing smart devices such as ring cameras, or compatible security products in your home.

Convenient daily functions

As is expected with any smart screen in the developing generation, there are a number of features that make daily use easy and convenient. Access to calendars, weather, information and music by voice control. When not in active use, you can set your home screen to turn into a digital photo frame displaying your own personal memories.

We have a review unit that’s currently on the test bench and we’ll be reporting on how our testing goes with that over the next couple of weeks.