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Google joins forces with Amazon and Apple to create a new open source Smart Home Standard under the Zigbee Alliance

I’ve checked the date, twice, it’s not April, so that must mean that Google, Amazon and Apple along with the Zigbee Alliance really did just announce a join open-source partnership to develop a new Smart Home Connectivity Standard. Yes, that’s right a single, open, standards-based, non-proprietary technology being jointly developed …

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Amazon Australia is looking to give away an Amazon Prime filled Tiny House

Amazon Australia has announced that it will be giving away an Amazon Prime filled tiny house to one lucky winner through a nationwide competition to find the person with the biggest holiday spirit. The prize package will include a Tiny House filled with Amazon Prime products which include Echo Show …

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Echo Studio Australian Review – Finally a Great Sounding Alexa Speaker

The launch of the new Echo Studio speaker by Amazon gives Australians a strong new contender to compare and contrast with other in home mains powered smart speaker options such as Sonos, Google, Bose etc. Until recently Australians who wanted to listen to an Alexa powered speaker that sounded good …

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Google drops to third place in worldwide smart speaker shipments, time for a refresh?

Let’s face it, Google Home was great in its time but has since been long surpassed by other manufacturers. While it is possible that Google just wanted to open up the space to Google Assistant before allowing other manufacturers such as Sony, JBL etc to take over manufacturing Google Assistant …

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