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The Grand Tour Season 2 starts today on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video hosted a preview event for The Grand Tour season 2 last night in Sydney. We were fortunate to be invited along to check out the first episode along with a bevy...

Amazon Echo and Alexa devices officially coming to Australia in early 2018

Amazon Alexa is one of the more mature digital voice assistants available and finally it is officially making it's way Downunder. Amazon announced yesterday that they were expanding the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) and the...

Amazon launching in Australia this Thursday, 23rd November

Speculation has been rife for some time firstly over whether Amazon would come here and secondly (after the first was confirmed) when it would launch. New information is now suggesting that this coming Thursday...

Sonos will be launching Alexa-enabled and “additional voice assistants” speakers

First there was Amazon's Alexa and it's speakers and then along came Google Home which built upon this and included a better speaker. Now there is even more competition with Apple's upcoming HomePod...

[Report] Facebook is working on a video chat device

It would seem that Facebook is working on a video chat device for your home from its experimental projects team housed in 'Building 8' at their head office inCalifornia according to a report from...

Amazon officially launches Echo Show – Alexa’s touch screen bigger brother

Amazon has launched the Echo Show which to is probably best described as Alexa powered Echo's touch screen bigger brother. The Echo Show comes with a front facing 7" touchscreen display with integrated 5MP camera...

Amazon Prime Video launches in Australia, here’s what you need to know

Amazon has finally announced the arrival of its Amazon Prime Video streaming service in Australia, taking the service to more than 200 countries worldwide. This means, of course, that the most widely anticipated show...

Amazon Prime Video is now streaming in Australia, perhaps just in time for the...

If you've never heard of Amazon Prime Video Streaming before hearing about The Grand Tour, then you're not alone. Amazon's video streaming service has been around for a while, but it wasn't until they...

Google is working on a home voice assistant like the Echo, code-named Chirp

Plain and simple, Amazon is owning the home voice assistant market at the moment, at least in the US, with their Echo line of devices. Many have wondered, including us, why Google hasn't responded...

GST to be charged on all online purchases, including imports, from 2017

Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey has announced that GST-free imports of goods valued under $1000 will be coming to an end, following a decision of Australia's Financial Relations Tax Reform Workshop, which counts amongst its...

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