Amazon has announced that Alexa device users can now choose between Alexa’s original voice and a new voice option.

The new voice option, which is a male-sounding voice that is much deeper than the current female version, which is a more joyful and upbeat voice, can be changed by either saying to your Alexa-enabled device “Alexa, change your voice” which will then change it to either the male or back to the original female voice.

Interestingly, Amazon has described the voice as “Alexa Masculine”, which given the current climate, may need a bit of rethinking.

If you’re not sure which voice you might want to choose from, you can ask your Alexa-enabled device to say “Alexa, sing a duet“. The new voice option has begun to roll out right now, with the rollout to be completed over the next few days.

The new voice can be used with either Alexa, Computer, Echo or Amazon devices. All original wake words, whichever you may have selected, will be used alongside each voice selected.

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I know Alexa is popular in the U.S but I don’t think I’ve met an Australian that’s embraced the Alexa system. I like shopping on Amazon and I subscribe to Amazon Prime, but I’m not interested in having a speaker/microphone in my house trying to sell me stuff.


Yep same here don’y know anyone with one, or who have considered one.