Online security is becoming more and more important to users, with hardware keys offering a level of security far beyond just a password. Twitter has announced on a post today, that they’re now supporting multiple security keys to secure accounts. While many would question the need for this, there are a number of reasons you may have this enabled including:

  • Multiple keys for a single user – home, work/mobile and secure site with the need to access common accounts
  • Enable multiple users to access your account for corporate setups

As we explored in the Yubikey 5C NFC review, searches for information on how to “hack” social media accounts is rife. This makes protecting yourself and your accounts, not just a good idea but a necessity. With a 2-factor authentication option enabled, even if you are the victim of a phishing attack – just having the username and password isn’t enough. Thankfully (due to having 2FA running) this was a reminder I got recently when my twitch account was attacked.

If you’re using a service that offers 2FA and you’re not using it, you’re doing the digital equivalent of locking your car but not turning your alarm on. You’ll only stop the honest crooks… using hardware keys is a — small, but worthwhile — step further to protect your account.