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X set to stop users blocking each other

The network formerly known as Twitter will, according to its owner, remove the feature allowing user to block others. The clear pathway is that he is expecting user to utilise the mute feature more readily,...

Twitter pulls the plug on SMS authentication unless you subscribe to Twitter Blue

That's right, if you're using the SMS 2FA option on Twitter then you can now pay for Twitter Blue or lose it. On the surface that's not ideal for active users, however, there's also...

Elon Musk’s Twitter has deliberately blocked access to third party clients, chaos ensues

We reported the other day that third party Twitter clients were unable to access the Twitter platform any further, showing authentication errors and other weird messages confusing users. Thus far, there has been no word...

Twitter Australia staff being let go in another round of layoffs

Reports have emerged in the Sydney Morning Herald today that Twitter has begun laying off the rest of its Australian staff, meaning the company will no longer have any staff in the country. The reports...

Editing tweets now rolling out on Twitter Blue

It's been coming for a while with multiple mentions, an accidental reveal and even a tweet revealing that it's in the works. Finally though, for those prepared to pay for it, the feature is...

Twitter’s edit button really is coming

We've heard murmurs for ages, but it seems that the edit button is actually, finally coming to Twitter. https://twitter.com/TwitterBlue/status/1565323599480774657 As announced in a blog post, the team is currently testing internally with the intent to then...

Data Breach: Twitter confirms personal details of millions of account holders compromised

Another data breach has occurred, this time it's Twitter that has been targeted. Twitter has been forthcoming with the detail of the issue, timelines and notification to affected users. The exploit was a "zero...

Twitter is allowing test users to add extra media to their tweets

Regular Twitter users will know the frustration of only being able to add one image or video to tweets. Whether it's to show an event, day out or just show off, running a thread...

Tweet together to share a story or the limelight

Twitter has been on a bit of a run lately, introducing new features to Twitter Blue and now CoTweets. The feature addition allows users with public profiles to "CoTweet" for a shared spotlight approach. The...

Twitter Blue has new features, but they’re still not worth $4.49 a month

Twitter has been around for long enough now that the consistent userbase is there. Just over a year ago, Twitter Blue was introduced with a handful of features but minimal uptake. They're now introducing...

Twitter’s edit button has been revealed accidentally

As a Twitter user, if you haven't made a typo or for some other reason wanted (needed?) to edit a Tweet after you've sent it, you're in the minority. While the edit button is...

Twitter is finally working on an edit feature

Twitter is a great communication medium, a source of news and entertainment. But there are without a doubt some annoyances with the platform. Trolls are rife, separating real from fake news can be difficult...

The process for Twitter verification is getting even easier

In times gone by, Twitter verification was purely based on the company approaching and verifying users. Then there was (briefly) an option to request verification, although it was closed quickly due to inundation. The process...

CES 2022 is going ahead, but without several major names

Google is just one of the names that have withdrawn from CES 2022 in Las Vegas amid concerns around the Omicron COVID-19 variant. This is despite the requirement to produce evidence of vaccination...

Twitter policy update prevents posting media of others without consent

In what appears to be a pretty smart move, Twitter has updated its privacy policy to include media of others. The policy update specifically notes "private media" to be of interest. The new addition...

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