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Twitter’s Periscope allows you to host a talk show

Periscope's latest update allows users of the app the ability to invite up to three guests to participate in a talk-show broadcast. The update, which is rolling out to Periscope users, allows guests of a...

Byte is the new name for Vine in 2019

Its hard to believe that it has already been 2 years since Twitter shut down Vine. But, while Vine remains dead, its spiritual successor from Vine founder Don Hofmann is getting ready to launch....

Twitter brings data saving mode to Mobile

Mobile users rejoice for Twitter have finally recognised that there is not a huge volume of users who have unlimited mobile data. In the latest update to their app, rolling out now, they've...

Twitter DMs may have been exposed to third parties without consent

Late Friday some users have received notification from Twitter that their protected Tweets and DMs may have been exposed to third party developers without consent since May 2017. The specific issue is related...

Twitter now allows you to only see tweets in reverse chronological order

Twitter its seems is finally fixed an issues which has been bugging users for a while now, fixing the way we view our timeline. Twitter took to its own platform overnight to announce that from...

Twitter’s new Threads feature makes it easier to create “tweetstorms”

If you've been on Twitter in the last few months, you'll have seen increasingly more 'Threads' discussing various topics. Threads are a long series of tweets, often connected by numbers and also using Twitter's...

The 2017 Melbourne Cup Carnival will be streamed live on Twitter

Last year the Melbourne Cup was live streamed on Twitter and was wildly successful with #MelbourneCup trending at number one in 12 different countries. After that success Twitter, the Seven Network and the...

Twitter trialling 280 character Tweets for some languages

One of the best things about Twitter is it's concise nature where messages are limited to 140 characters so there is very little waffle and people have to make their Tweets short and sweet....

Twitter is field testing a lightweight app in the Philippines

There are a lot of countries in the world where not only is data expensive but many people cannot afford vast amounts of data that we here in Australia are lucky enough to have....

Twitter adds more sport, news and entertainment video streaming in Australia

At the All That Matters conference in Singapore, Twitter has unveiled a new range of premium live, and in-stream video streaming content. The new streaming video options are a result of 35 new partnerships with...

Automatic night mode arrives on the official Twitter app

The official Twitter app was very lacking in features in the early days of Android but in the past couple of years they have really upped their game. Through the use of a...

Twitter has snuck a 2FA code generator into their Android app

A few weeks back we reported that Twitter had quietly added support for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) apps like Google Authenticator or Authy. It looks as if that may not have been the only change...

Twitter announces a new, lighter mobile web experience called ‘Twitter Lite’

The new battleground for tech companies attracting new users is emerging markets. Today Twitter has launched their latest idea, a lighter mobile experience called Twitter Lite. Twitter Lite works in the web browser of your...

Twitter updated to allow the full 140 characters for replies

Twitter is great for rants but often, well, for me anyway, these rants tend to go over a few tweets. How many times have you replied to a tweet only to have it...

Twitter announces a new way to discover what’s going on, in the Explore tab

Twitter is only too well aware that there's a number of different ways to discover what's new, what's happening right now, and what's going to matter tomorrow using their enormous social media service. There's...

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