Fleet’s have been available on the Twitter platform for about a year now. Despite the continued popularity of Twitter, the feature never really caught on and, in a blog post, they’ve announced the end date for Fleets.

Come August 3rd, the feature will disappear with their post noting a lack of increased conversation as the driver. They further noted that the main users of Fleets were media to highlight breaking news moments, but not everything will disappear:

Soon, we’ll test updates to the Tweet composer and camera to incorporate features from the Fleets composer – like the full-screen camera, text formatting options, and GIF stickers.

So while the feature itself is headed for the feature graveyard, it wasn’t a complete bust. Twitter, like other social platforms, is a great way to communicate ideas and convey messages. It’s great to see they’re not complacent with feature development, this one was just a fleeting moment.