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Google ready to drop the activation phrase “Hey Google” for calls

For some time now, we've not had to say "Hey Google" before stopping or snoozing an alarm. That requirement to use the trigger for Google Assistant before answering calls seemingly is set to disappear too with the rollout...

Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp services returning to normal after a major overnight outage

A major outage has impacted Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp overnight for Australian users. The impact to users was that messages weren't sending, feeds weren't loading and access to some features simply broke. If you check out some...

ICYMI: Google Messages has end to end encryption

If you're still in messaging limbo with a range of apps for different friend groups, there are more reasons to use Google Messages. While the changes are relatively minimal, the Material You redesign has landed which smooths out...

Secure your pics in Google Photos on any device soon

Earlier this year we saw the first signs that Google was looking further to privacy by selectively securing your photos. Unfortunately, as an early implementation, it was only available to Pixel users but now it is ready to...

Review: Britbox Australia offers UK nostalgia, mystery, comedy and more for 40+ viewers

Most of the big streaming services available in Australia like Netflix, STAN, Binge and Foxtel target viewers of at all ages with something for all the family. I've watched shows on the BBC/ITV streaming service Britbox during this year's lockdown...

Google Messages will soon be able to “nudge” you to respond to texts

Google continues to show a focus on maintaining and developing the capacity of the Google Messages app. In an APK teardown, XDA developers found some interesting code snippets suggesting another new feature is coming soon. The feature we're referring...

Emoji reactions seemingly coming to Twitter

Emoji style reactions have been in place for some time across multiple social platforms. Twitter, being well established has been somewhat slow to move on this. Twitter has announced that users in Turkey will progressively have access...

WhatsApp may soon let you hide your last seen status from selected contacts

Last seen is a great way to know and understand when your contacts have been online most recently. But there are times when people knowing you've been online can be a problem. Soon, you may well be...

[Great Deal] 3 Months of Amazon Music for free

If you've been contemplating whether you're on the right streaming service, Amazon is presenting a good case to try theirs. With 3 months free, instead of the standard single month trial for a limited time. There's plenty to enjoy...

Google Messages continues to add convenience to messaging

We've seen a lot of growth and changes to the Google Messages app over the last 12 months. The addition of RCS, smart suggestions and reactions is just the start. Now we're seeing even more in messages,...

GoPro is offering unlimited video and photo storage to GoPro Quik subscribers

Given the state of online storage currently, anyone offering unlimited storage is going to get some attention. When it's a name as well known as GoPro, it's a really attractive offer. The additional storage comes as part of the...

Signal can now be used for announcement groups

Signal is one of the messaging apps that has seen a huge increase in userbase during the messaging wars of 2020 and 2021. As part of this upturn in userbase, their developers have been adding features which, now...

Routines soon to have delayed start capability

Routines are very useful when it comes to controlling your smart home. You’re really only limited in what you can achieve by your imagination and the integrated controls your hardware has. Simple routines such as “we’re leaving”...

Is Synology C2 Password worth looking at?

Given the number of passwords we need to have these days, it’s important to remember best practice. Starting with don’t re-use passwords and don’t make them simple words etc. Some time ago we took a look at...

Enpass introduces cloudless sync to increase security for your password vault

Enpass is one of the seemingly endless password management options, but last week they pushed towards the front of the pack. The feature introduced removes the need to sync your password vault via the cloud on your devices....

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