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Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Deluxe for Nintendo Switch is available now

Get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime with Kirby and his friends! The much-awaited whole new story for Kirby is finally here and available from 24 February 2023. The new game allows up to four players...

Alexa calling features expand to include mobile calls in Australia

The steady migration of the Australian workforce to a hybrid, work from home model has driven the smart home market. As part of this, smart speakers are selling more and being used more than ever. Alexa-to-phone calling has been...

Twitter pulls the plug on SMS authentication unless you subscribe to Twitter Blue

That's right, if you're using the SMS 2FA option on Twitter then you can now pay for Twitter Blue or lose it. On the surface that's not ideal for active users, however, there's also an upside. The first upside is...

TikTok for Android TV is now available to support your addiction

TikTok is one of the most active social media networks currently in use, with roughly 1 billion active monthly users. That's some huge numbers and it shows that the platform maintains user engagement. With that in mind, it makes...

New Aussie Google Maps features: Better charging advice for Android Automotive, Indoor Live View...

Early on Thursday Paris time, Google announced that they're enabling indoor Live View at 1,000 new airports, train stations, and malls in Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Paris, Prague, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, and Taipei in the coming months. In...

Netflix seems ready to deliver on the threats against password sharing

We've known for some time this has been coming, but Netflix, it seems, is ready to crack down on password sharing. A FAQ on the company's website outlines how accounts are intended to be used and how it is...
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Third party Twitter apps no longer work, and Twitter is remaining silent

For around 36 hours or so, virtually all major third party Twitter apps have been locked out of the service and there's no sign of why, or whether they will regain access any time soon or ever. The issues began...

Arlo secure plan renewal reduces ongoing costs to subscribers

Arlo hardware is among the best on the market, with fantastic looks, great video quality and battery life. The range is extensive and covers cameras, doorbells and floodlights. To get the full functionality from your investment, you'll need to...

Razer lifts the bar again for gaming solutions at home and on the go

Razer has this morning announced several new additions to its gaming hardware lineup, both mobile and home-based solutions. The hardware covers everything from audio to laptops and streaming needs; each has improved on previous generations and lifted the bar...

Fitbit premium annual subscription available at over 25% discount

If you've just nabbed a new Fitbit or Pixel Watch at Christmas, you've got one of the best fitness trackers out there. Like many services though, there are a lot of features available, but some require a subscription. A feature...

TikTok recognised as a threat by US Government

Like many news outlets, we've recognised that TikTok -- while it can be entertaining -- has some pretty significant security risks. These calls for TikTok to be banned date back to 2020 and, given recent US decisions, aren't likely...

WhatsApp features added and upcoming confirmed

WhatsApp is one of the biggest cross-platform messaging options, but that doesn't mean their team just relies on reputation. There is a consistent stream of features being added, which we regularly see through WABetaInfo. It's not unusual to need to...

Downdetector’s biggest outages of 2022

We're all living a connected lifestyle these days, with social media, emails, messaging, streaming and gaming being part of our lives. Each of these services is dependent on Internet connectivity for functionality, so when the service or your Internet...

eufy alters, acknowledges but doesn’t apologise for the potentially misleading security policy

Over the last couple of weeks, there's been a bit of concern about the privacy policy that Eufy has. Specifically, the use of a cloud interface to push notifications to users. This means that despite the -- before alteration...

The Game Awards 2022 annouced two biggest winners today

The Game Awards, known as the "Oscars" of the gaming world, revealed winners today in Los Angeles, USA. In this year's selection, Elden Ring is awarded the “Game of the Year” title at The Game Awards. The game was launched...

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