+ Friday July 19th, 2019

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Facebook makes Huawei phones more desirable by removing its spyware (er, app) from new Huawei phones

There’s been lots of media speculation (and US government speculation) about Huawei spying or being a national security risk, but it’s mostly just speculation. Neither the US (nor other governments) have offered up much if any evidence to back the claims. When it comes to Facebook, though, we all know …

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Google Maps will now show details of hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding; navigate you away from affected areas

It was only yesterday morning I wrote that Google’s always looking to make products more useful and helpful; today they’ve added detailed information about floods, hurricanes and earthquakes to Maps in an effort to help keep users safe. Detailed by Hannah Stulberg, Google Maps’ Product Manager on the company’s Keyword …

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Google announce Stadia games, pricing and subscription details: up to US$9.99 per month

When Google announced their cloud gaming platform earlier this year there were a lot of details left unknown. Overnight and prior to E3 Google have announced the details that were missing from the original reveal. Google Stadia will be launching in November for US$9.99 a month which will give you …

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