Ride-sharing is a great way to get around if you’re travelling, or even if you’re going out for a night to make sure you get home safely. It can be quite pricey though depending on the supply and demand for rides inDrive — already available in Melbourne and Brisbane — is disrupting the ride-sharing industry by allowing passengers and drivers to negotiate fair fares.

The premise is really simple with inDrive’s model allows riders to set a suggested fare for the selected route, then negotiate with the driver to reach an agreed amount. This would take into account tolls on your trip, distance, traffic and the time of day. The rides start from $20 for short hops and go up from there, often resulting in a cost below other rideshare applications.

Mike Chauhan, Australian Country Manager, inDrive said:

Our innovative model has led to inDrive becoming one of the fastest-growing ride-sharing platforms in the world, and Sydney is ready for something different, something fun and something fair for all.

How it works

Like other ride-share options, as a passenger, you request your ride giving a starting point and your destination. This is where it differs, you then suggest a price you’re willing to pay and comments visible to the driver. Drivers in the area can then either, accept the price, or make a counteroffer.

Passengers are presented with multiple drivers offers and accept the ride from their preferred driver based on this and return info such as driver ratings, vehicle details and timing of the ride.

The main selling point of inDrive over the other options is to allow the drivers and passengers control. There isn’t an algorithm that calculates supply and demand, automatically jacking up the price. If you’re a ride-share driver, then there’s also an incentive to consider switching platforms with a 6-month period where inDrive won’t charge drivers commission, then a guaranteed lowest commission rate around.

If it’s sounding like something you want to try out and you’re in one of the available areas, you can grab the app from the Play Store, AppStore or even the Huawei App Gallery.