+ Wednesday May 22nd, 2019

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Nova Launcher 6.1 brings notification dots, dark mode for Google Discover and more

Popular Android launcher replacement Nova Launcher has been updated to version 6.1, bringing with it a much-sought-after dark mode for Google Discover, numeric dots for notification badges, and an undo bar to restore changes made to your desktop. That’s about all that’s in the changelog, but let’s take a walk …

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Disney announces Android TV and Chromecast support for their yet-to-be-launched Disney Plus streaming TV service, should be live by the time it reaches Australia

Disney is bringing its streaming media service Disney Plus to Android TV and Chromecast! For those of us who are daily users of Android TV any move towards more apps and service is a glimmer of hope that Google won’t whisk away the service ala Google TV back in the …

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Gmail’s widget has been quietly updated to Material Design .. but you probably didn’t notice

Widgets used to be one of the coolest features on Android, and if your favourite app didn’t support widgets, well you might’ve been quite upset. In 2019, most people simply don’t care. Lockscreen widgets basically don’t exist anymore, and while they’re still used on home screens, they’re not as prevalent …

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As part of the move to YouTube Music, Google is closing Google Play Artist Hub used by smaller musicians

While Google is moving some of its services to its own brand (e.g. G Pay replacing Android Pay), some services its moving away. Google Play Music is one such service, with Google confirming last year that the service would be rolled into YouTube Music and no longer directly Google branded. …

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