If you didn’t already know, Final Fantasy XIV is a AAA MMORPG released by Square Enix in 2013, and one of the top 3 most popular MMOs based on the number of active players. The game is well-known for its generous free trial which allows the new players to experience not only the base games but also an award-winning Heavensward expansion. There are no restrictions on playtime, however, players will not be able to progress further when they reach level 60 and subscriptions will be required to explore Starter Guide Seriesother expansions. We are talking about roughly 100 hours of playtime without engaging with any side quests or additional content.

Starter Guide Series

You will meet your mentor Mayra in the “Starter Guide Series” to learn some early tips and tricks when exploring the realm of Eorzea. The video guide consists of an introduction and six episodes for the tips from the character creation, quest system, dungeon rewards to the establishment of own party and more.

Here are the details of each episode guided by Mayra:

  • Episode 1: Here is where the adventure begins. Mayra will serve as a mentor for virtual player Kaz to introduce character creation and how to take his first steps in Eorzea’s realm. You’ll learn about the game’s map system and quest types in this video, making sure you don’t get lost while focusing on the gameplay experience.
  • Episode 2: Mayra will introduce how Kaz will meet his first FATE (Full Active Time Event) on the journey and how different classes can be unlocked when Kaz reaches level 10.
  • Episode 3: In this episode, Kaz is taken to the Hall of the Novice and familiarised with party combat. It is also important to organise the inventory and know the Recommended Gear feature.
  • Episode 4: Time for a quick test! To tackle the first dungeon, Kaz needs to team up with Mayra to form a light party and get to understand how the dungeon rewards are distributed to team members.
  • Episode 5: Kaz faces his first epic boss battle with his own party. Out of recognition of his competence, Kaz is recruited by one of the three Grand Companies in Eorzea and unlocks his very own Chocobo mount at level 20.
  • Episode 6: So far, Kaz has gained enough information and abilities to start his journey in the world of FF14. The real adventure has just begun…

Click this link to watch the full “Starter Guide Series” from the official channel.