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Google will officially kill Allo in ‘Spring’ next year – Google now only has four messaging options we need to worry about

It’s dead Jim. After a rumour filled week, Google has finally decided to get ahead of the rumour mill, announcing their plans to kill off Allo, as well as re-iterate their plans for Hangouts Classic. After the rumours of Allo being killed off surfaced yesterday, Google has confirmed the death …

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Google Assistant news briefings are getting smarter thanks to AI – rolling out in the US first

Google is all-in on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with attempts being made to offer better information to you across all their platforms. The latest is the Google Assistant news briefings which will now offer tailored briefings – at least for those in the US. Google has been working with a number …

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Google weighs-in on Hangouts shutdown, confirms migration of consumer users to Hangouts Chat and Meet

It’s been a roller coaster weekend for Google Hangouts users, with news first surfacing that Google was looking to shutter the consumer side of the messaging platform, before the product manager for Hangouts also weighed in. Now Google has officially made a statement on the future of Hangouts for consumers. …

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