+ Friday April 19th, 2019

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Gmail is now blocking 100 million more spam messages with TensorFlow

Who doesn’t hate email spam clogging up their inbox daily? Google is now working to fix this, with the Gmail team and Google recruiting its in-house machine learning framework, TensorFlow, to help train additional spam filters for Gmail users. Google has said, via the Gmail Blog overnight, that Gmail is …

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Viber’s version 10 update brings a redesigned UI, group calls and more

Instant messaging service Viber has announced overnight a new update which will bring a new User Interface, along with group calls and hidden numbers within communities (aka groups). In its announcement, the company noted the redesign offers users double the performance when sending messages. The full list of new features …

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Google launches Password Checkup extension for Chrome on Safer Internet Day

Data breaches feel like a regular occurrence in 2019, and there’s nothing more alarming than receiving notification your email/username/password has been leaked online. To help address this, Google kicked off Safer Internet Day with a new Chrome Extension. What’s it do? Password Checkup is a simple Chrome browser extension that will …

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Victorian commuters will soon be able to add Myki cards to Google Pay – you could be able to try it too

We’ve seen Sydney commuters being able to tap on and off trains, busses and ferries with their phones and now it appears the Victorian Government is also looking give their residents the same option – at least as long as they’re using an Android phone. Transport Victoria is currently looking …

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Get a month of KayoSports including Superbowl LIII for just $5 if you sign up by February 4th

For sports lovers the new KayoSports streaming service is turning many heads with the on-demand service offering spoiler free access to the biggest sporting events happening in Australia and around the world. Now they’re offering a great deal on your first month for just $5. Normally priced at $25, you’ll …

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Facebook wants to connect messaging from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram

In the beginning, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were three separate apps from three separate companies that had little to do with each other. In 2019, though, these services are all owned by Facebook, and though operated somewhat independently, there are reports that’s about to change. According to a report in …

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