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Bankwest release Android app

All too often we see companies releasing dedicated iPhone apps and neglecting their android customers. Today Bankwest released an android app to allow their customers using android phones to access their accounts on the go, locate the nearest ATM and...

Koush is working on an Android-to-Android remote assistance app called Inkwire

Developer of a number of well known innovative Android and even Chrome apps, Koushik Dutta, or just Koush, is working on a new remote assistance and screen sharing app for Android - and he's looking for Beta testers. Called Inkwire,...

Popular messaging app Viber sells for 900 million

The hugely popular cross platform messaging application Viber has sold for a whopping US$900 Million. With 225 Million users worldwide, the purchase (undoubtedly in large part for the userbase) makes users worth about US$4 each to the purchasing...

Samsung is releasing Bixby’s voice capabilities in 200 countries today

After launching in the US last month, Samsung has announced they're expanding Bixby’s voice capabilities to 200 countries including the U.K., Australia, Canada and South Africa. Bixby launched with the Galaxy S8 in April, but it's taken it's sweet time...

Samsung anti-theft, exclusive to US Cellular and Verizon

Samsung have introduced two new anti-theft features for the US Cellular and Verizon versions of their latest flagship the Galaxy S5. The features follow in a long line of security apps including Cerberus Anti-Theft and Google's own Android Device...

Google’s Chrome browser will start blocking bad ads from early next year

Last month, a rumour ran amok regarding Google building an ad-blocker into their Chrome browser. Today the ad giant revealed that it's doing exactly that. Before you fetch your torches and pitchforks or firmly secure your tin foil hat, let's...

Google Play updates: Nexus 7 ships free, sleeves now on sale

Looking for a good gift idea for the holidays? Google's now offering the 2013 model Nexus 7 with free shipping for a limited time. All models (16GB, 32GB and 32GB with LTE) are currently showing as "In stock" with 1-2...

‘Autofill code from Messages’ feature coming to your Android, making SMS-based 2FA even easier

Two-factor authentication is a necessary inconvenience - it makes logging into services a little slower, but adds a good amount of security. Instead of just a username and password - which someone could steal, see over your shoulder, or...

Plex gets a material makeover

Plex TV is hugely popular; it's a way to centralise and automatically catalogue TV shows, Movies and Music and affords you the freedom to enjoy your media anywhere at any time. There's an app for pretty much every platform,...

New York Times releases Google Glass App

If you thought that the release of Google Glass had been quiet on the app front, then this announcement from the New York Times could be about about to start a whole landslide of new apps designed specifically for...

Google Photos gets new sharing options and new automatically created ‘concept’ movies

Google Photos is still one of their best new services introduced in recent years. It's available to all, and with unlimited storage for photos and videos it's the almost perfect way to share memories. Today Google is adding better...

Now live in Australia: Google Pay begins letting users assign names to payment cards

If your Google Pay wallet is like mine, chances are there's a couple of different cards in there. Chances are, you can't necessarily remember which one is which by the last 4 digits. I know I can't - I'm...

A Stranger Things location-based game is coming to turn your world Upside Down

Just in case your Ingress isn't feeling very Prime, byour Pokemon Go got up and went or your Wizards aren't very United, Netflix and Next Games have unveiled a new game based on Stranger Things. Stranger Things will be a...

Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P pricing and colour options confirmed for all models –...

Google's launch of the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X overnight had one drawback, with no availability or pricing information for the phones given by Google. We did manage to see a 'Starting from' price for the Nexus 5X and...

Swiftkey 3 Keyboard on Sale in the Play Store for $1.99

Swiftkey have released a new version of their massively popular stock keyboard replacement. To celebrate this, they've dropped the price to $1.99 for 1 week. If you follow the Ausdroid team on twitter, you'd know that a...

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