Inbox by Gmail
After announcing that they would extend their alternate GMail service, Inbox, to Google Apps customers last month, it appears that the invites are finally rolling out, with a number of Google Apps customers are advising they are receiving invites to the service this morning.

Inbox for Google Apps requires an invite, but invites will only be sent once the Google Apps administrator for the domain has requested the service be activated. If you’re a Google Apps administrator for your domain and want to add Inbox for your users, you’ll need to email [email protected] from your Administrator account.

Inbox brings about a number of features for email which will be useful for work domains, including the Snooze function which allows you to have an email return to your Inbox at a more convenient time – or place. Highlights should be great for business users as well, with a touch of Google Now added to your mailbox – offering relevant information at the right time – similarly with Assists which will highlight information such as phone numbers, maps or even store hours. Bundles have been hit and miss with users, but the ability to group similar emails may be useful in your business, and Highlights should be

A number of people have been using Inbox for their personal Gmail account for a few months now, but the additional functionality offered for business users could be the kicker to really launch Inbox.

Have you started using Inbox on your Google Apps domain yet?

Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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    Peter Massey

    I just loaded Inbox from my Google Apps domain and it worked a treat! Wooo I love this on a secondary Gmail account. Look forward to trying it on my main GA account!

    Thanks for the heads up Dan!


    Activated Inbox for my legacy free Google Apps domain this morning. I sent myself an invite from my personal Gmail the other day, then just signed in with Inbox 1.4 on my Android this morning and it just worked. No domain settings necessary.


    I got it today as well, also on a free/legacy domain. I’m kind of surprised because it’s just me on a single user domain; they won’t learn anything new when compared to a standard gmail address. But maybe that’s the point?