Recognised as one of the most secure email options with Proton Mail, Proton Pass (launched around 9 months ago) is now coming to Windows; making it far easier and more convenient to access your passwords.

The standalone app means that users can now plug into further features, giving greater flexibility to the previous option of browser plugins only. This also give users the capability to run a password vault in offline mode, ideal for users who travel with a laptop on a regular basis.

Son Nguyen, Product Lead for Proton Pass said:

โ€œThe Proton Pass desktop app for Windows lets you access all of your credentials without a browser or internet access, which has been requested by Proton Pass for Business customers. Proton Pass is an open source password manager so we prioritize community requests which allows us to respond faster to user needs.โ€

In response to the community feedback, Windows is first with MacOS and Linux operating systems to follow “later this year”, but no exact timeline has been offered at this time.

For the security minded users, a very attractive aspect of Proton Pass is the fact that it is open-source development and independently audited. This delivers transparency of devleopment and peace of mind to users.

You can read more about the launch here, or if you’re ready to get your passwords into a password manager then Proton Pass for Windows is now available for download.