Google Play Music Airport Installations

Google is running a promotion for Google Play Music All Access in some Qantas domestic terminals at the moment, inviting travellers to sample the sounds of musicians and bands that come from their destination city.

The ads promote local artists like Guy Sebastian (Adelaide), Troye Sivan (Perth), Jessica Mauboy (Darwin) and Karise Eden (Brisbane) and invites passers-by to tap an NFC sticker or scan a QR code to get a playlist tailored for their destination.

The NFC tags and QR codes link through to a site that asks you to enter your flight number, then swipe up on your screen to “take off”. After some processing, it’ll come up with a Google Play Music playlist that you can then load in the Play Music app. You’re also reminded that you get 30 days of free unlimited music with Google Play Music All Access (that is, unless you’ve previously signed up for the service).

You can try it out for yourself without even having to travel – the NFC tag links to this site. You might need to look up a Qantas flight number for the city you’re interested in, though!

Which city has your favourite playlist? Have you seen a similar promotion elsewhere? Tell us in the comments!

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    Just tested it out.
    Plugged in the flight number for the 5:30am AEST MEL-BNE Qantas flight into the log-through page and got the Brisbane playlist.

    edit: is there any way to prevent Disqus from reformatting posts, once you press Send?
    I am getting sick and tired of having to go back into my posts to edit them to fix the reformatting screw-ups caused by Disqus.


    They do a similar thing at the Gabba during the cricket. Nice to see them expanding the offering


    Useful that there is a way to get access to the playlists, without needing to book tickets on the Fleeing Kangarat.
    Google should have done the RightThing by domestic travellers, by not tying the promo to any single airline.

    Is there anything for Tasmania (Hobart) or the ACT (Canberra)?