For Android users, the launcher is not an unfamiliar term. Whether it’s the Pixel Launcher from the official Google team or other third-party solutions, a good launcher can always provide users with an enhanced overall experience. Let’s see what difference Action Launcher brings to users this time with its v50 update.

Action Launcher has a relatively good overall performance in its similar products, but its features have been criticised for the massive difference between paid and free users. The launcher’s developer, Chris Lacy, highlighted its historically overly aggressive payment strategy in a recent blog post. Chris said that in the past, Action Launcher was too aggressive in urging users to pay, making it difficult for non-paying users to use the launcher well. To change this situation, he is determined to make a major adjustment in the v50 version iteration. According to the region where the user is located, the functions that originally had to be paid for now can be used for free in most cases.

The star feature of Action Launcher v50 is its greatly enhanced search function. There are times when we make changes to the system, and find that they do not have the desired effect, so we undo these changes. However, because manufacturers customise the operating systems to a greater or lesser extent, users are not always able to find the option in the first place. Action Launcher offers to display the most recently changed app settings, which will undoubtedly save users a lot of time and improve productivity.

A similar improvement is also present in the launcher’s settings options. In the settings screen, users will see a dedicated search box to quickly locate relevant search options instead of looking for them manually.

Everyone may use a more preferred launcher on their mobile phones, maybe this time you can try the Action Launcher to see if it brings a different experience?