Monday , September 25 2017

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With Android 7.0 CDD, Google says OEMs will have to comply with USB-C and headphone standards, and more

Google’s Android Compatibility Definition Document is probably not something you’ve heard much about before now, but if you’re a hardware developer using Android, then you know all about it. The 85-page document sets out a whole range of things, including how software must work, including APIs, namespaces, device administration, text-to-speech, and …

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Happy birthday Android?

According to the Google Store, it’s Android’s Birthday and they have kicked off the celebrations with a few Marshmallow themed wallpapers to adorn your favourite Android Devices. The celebration of birthdays is one of the great cross-cultural similarities on our planet. Traditionally we celebrate birthdays on the day of one’s …

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M is for Marshmallow

The next version of Android, Android 6.0 has been officially announced by Google today as Marshmallow. The announcement came along with the final developer preview for Marshmallow as well as an update to the official SDK for Android Developers. You can be sure that we will be installing the new Developer …

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