In case there was any doubt, with the already on the market 5G handsets and the two announced Google Pixel 5G devices coming this year, Google wanted to ensure everyone knew that Android is 5G ready. In a developer blog post this week Google looked to inspire developers with the promise of 5G data.

It is true that 3G and then 4G spurred on revolutions in app design and usage when they were released — have you ever tried to stream video on a HSPA connection? Or watch 4K content over 3G? Trust us, don’t. Now with 5G knocking down our doors, it’s time to imagine what developers can do with all those extra Gs.

While we are truly excited to see what great minds think up next to make our lives hopefully easier, more enjoyable, and perhaps even make the technology fade just a little bit into the background, we are also aware super-fast 5G is a long way away. While the 5G standard will bring enhancements overall, it is important to note that the super-fast speeds often touted are only available in the millimetre wavelength.

This means that to truly get the benefit of super-fast speed you need to be close to the tower and have a very little obstruction, not quite a line of sight but close. So while you need to be very close to the technology it is conversely still a fair way off.

Either way, we are happy to see Google challenging the current and next generation of developers to imagine more for our devices, and the apps that truly power them.

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Palo Verde

Plenty of 5G devices except that company valued at 2 Trillion US Dollars who had none.

Not plenty of spaces have 5G reception – pretty useless.


Wow! Talk about Google Pixel promotion!
How many Android phones are ALREADY operating on 5G networks?
Will you propagate the advertising from say, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, etc. about their 5G-capable phones?