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Google Assistant can now control all of your SHED (Smart Home Entertainment Devices)

Google is continuing to roll out more and more devices that can be controlled via the Assistant. Now Assistant can control your SHED? No, not the Stratco, all of your Smart Home Entertainment Devices,...

Is this the Google Pixel 5? With a rear mounted fingerprint sensor?

Google has yet to release the Pixel 4a and yet the time of year has become such that it is now about time we begin to see Pixel 5 rumours and leaks occur. ...

Just where is Google’s ecosystem up to?

On September 23 2008 the HTC Dream was released on stage and Google's software, hardware and ecosystem ambitions were born. Android and Google have come along way in the almost 12 years since then,...

What are we expecting to see with the Pixel 4a?

With the original ship date for the Pixel 4a well and truly behind us now, the latest rumour has the newest device in Google's hardware lineup potentially being announced on 13 July, just a...

We are due for a great Wear OS device – is 2020 the year...

Admission time: I'm a smartwatch fan, that's not a huge surprise to those who know me but it's an important point to make upfront. I want smartwatches to succeed, I've worn a smartwatch since...

Google seems set to release the Pixel 4a, possibly on the rumoured July 13

So far this year many release dates have come and passed with little notice for many smartphones. The Google Pixel 4a is no exception and although it is still unclear just when...

Steam on Chromebooks could be a game changer

We learned in January via Android Police that Steam may be coming to Chromebooks. 9to5 Google have further information on this, how it may be delivered and what hardware will be supported. Background -...

Four new playlists coming to YouTube Music, personalised just for you

YouTube Music has had its detractors for a while now. Many of us have made the switch from Google Play Music over to YouTube Music with mostly success but there are still some...

Google rolls out Maps interface changes to Android Auto

Android Auto continues to improve and although there are bugs at times it is wholely a great experience. That hasn't stopped Google from trying new things. Overnight Google has made changes to...

Google brings ten new dinosaurs from Jurassic World to life in AR through Search

Google has partnered up with Universal, Amblin Entertainment (creators of the Jurassic Park/World franchise) and Ludia (creators of the Jurassic World Alive AR location-based game) to get you up close and personal with ten...

Google acquires North, will we see another Google Glass?

Google have today announced that they have acquired North, a company that is "a pioneer in human computer interfaces and smart glasses", as part of their focus on "helpful devices". Although Google Glass...

Google announce “Hey Google” Smart Home Virtual Summit starting next week

With Google I/O having been cancelled, and Google being one of the only companies to not replace their event with a virtual replacement we have seen information slowly leak out of Mountain View over...

Leaked case renders show the Pixel 5 XL with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor

It is already the middle of the year and even though Google are yet to announce the Pixel 4a it is about the time where we can expect to see Pixel 5 leaks. ...

Google Assistant picks up a few more Hindi voices, plus some others

Everyone the world over seems to love their digital assistant speaking in similar intonations as their local region, we certainly do. It's somehow more personal and less grating to hear a familiar tone....

Nest Hub Max will soon work with Duo and Meet

The Nest Hub devices (originally Home Hub) were a leap forward for home automation and smart home control. They bring a visual and touch interface to tasks otherwise requiring you to use your...

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