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Leak Time: A potential first look at the upcoming Google Pixel 6

There are very few secrets in the tech world any more thanks to the prevalence of, well... technology. It's far too easy to snap a picture, send it on and no one knows...

PSA: You have 3 weeks left of free Google storage

With every Google account, you get a small amount of free storage available. For many users that is more than enough to last them for quite some time. But if you're using...

Clipt is an easy way to get data between your PC and mobile

It's easy to get caught up in everything being on our phones these days, but the reality is many of us email or message ourselves to get data between PC and phone. It's...

Facebook Messenger hits 5 billion installs

If there was ever any doubt that Facebook has a stranglehold on the messaging market, they've hit 5 billion installs on another messaging app. Following -- Facebook-owned -- WhatsApp hitting the marker in...

Alexa vs Assistant: Week 4 – Is there a winner?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been taking a closer look at the two main contenders in smart home controls: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. During this time we’ve stopped and reflected on...

Google force the hand of developers to share how they use your collected data

It's no surprise to anyone -- we hope -- that your mobile phone OS, apps and yes, social platforms in general collect data about you. But what can be surprising is what data,...

Google Assistant updates bringing Broadcasts to more devices

We're not quite at Google I/O season yet, and with COVID still hanging around, Google I/O continues from last year in not exactly looking normal either. The good news from this, though, is that...

Alexa Vs Assistant: Week 3 – Smart home shootout

It’s Week 3 of our smart assistant smackdown with us already exploring the state of play and daily use of the two assistants. This week we7 get into what is purported to be...

Survey says Google Nest dominates Australian smart speaker market share, Amazon Alexa and Apple...

More Australians are embracing digital audio post the pandemic, with podcast listening soaring over the past year and more people listening to radio using apps, catch-up podcasts and smart speakers, according to the annual...

Alexa vs Assistant: Week 2 – Daily use experience, the same but different

Welcome to week two of our Alexa vs Assitant series and since last week, we’ve delved deeper into the similar, but contrasting worlds. This week we’ve taken a focus on the day to...

[Great Deal] Google Nest Audio for $114.00

When we took a look at the Nest Audio one thing stood out, Google has finally taken the audio component of smart speakers seriously. The price wasn't bad for what you're getting and...

Google owned Fitbit release a fashion first fitness tracker, the Fitbit Luxe

Since Google completed their acquisition of Fitbit we have been waiting to see what the new partnership would yield. Today Fitbit/Google released their first joint product, the Fitbit Luxe, a fashion first fitness tracker. The...

Alexa Vs Assistant: Week 1 – The state of play

The connected world is a wonderful place, but it’s not a single solution world. Last week we took a look at the brand new Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) which highlighted some really...

Android Auto gets another navigation option from TomTom

Earlier this month Android Auto opened up the platform to developers to bring their apps onboard. Now we're starting to see the result of this with third-party apps appearing for core Google based...

Despite rumours: The Pixel 5a 5G is coming to limited regions

The rumour mill can be great, but it can also be a pain some days. In the early hours of this morning, Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech and regular "leaker" posted that...

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