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Sydney’s iconic Ferries launching on Google Street View

Sydney’s iconic Ferries launching on Google Street View thanks to a partnership between Google and the operator of Sydney Ferries, Transdev, and Transport for NSW, will be launching via a partnership which was announced...

Android Auto is set for a long-overdue makeover

Android Auto has been a mainstay in many vehicles for personal and work benefits for many years now. In that time, there have been a lot of improvements, as well as some presentation changes....

Happy New Year from the Ausdroid team

Now we've bid farewell to 2022, and entered 2023 on behalf of the Ausdroid team; I'd like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous year ahead. There's plenty to look forward to with the likes...

Reports emerging of Pixel 7 camera glass breaking without cause

Owners of Pixel 7 phones need to be aware that there are reports emerging of the camera glass spontaneously breaking. The reports currently are that phones are breaking in user pockets without impact. There...

Phil’s best of 2022

It's a pretty generic statement covering the past 3 years to say it's been challenging. Thankfully, we've seen restrictions easing and something resembling a normal life -- whatever that is -- returning. As we've...

Google Pixel Watch: Long term review — An outstanding first effort, but there is...

The long awaited Pixel Watch was officially released recently, answering many questions about the device and alleviating some of the concerns raised previously. We've had one on review for a couple of months now, with...
Google Pixel 7

December Android Security update is rolling out now

The monthly Android security update is rolling out in the first week of the month as usual. It addresses several security issues, software bugs and user experience items. This time around, there are fixes for...

Google wishes SMS happy birthday and farewell, further backing RCS through Google Messages

It's nearly 30 years since SMS was first introduced -- Am I that old? -- and Google has again upped the ante on messaging standards. In a blog post a short time ago, several...

The latest Android Updates feel like Christmas

Regarding feature updates, Google does an excellent job at staging rollouts to ensure continued fresh feelings for your devices. This time around, several new features cover content consumption, mobility and accessibility. Having a child with...

Google’s Black Friday specials are worth a look

There are still a lot of bargains to be had around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. If you're looking to upgrade, update or outright increase your Google devices then head over to...

Google Pixel Watch gets its first update

The first update is being pushed out to Pixel Watches, but don't expect any wholesale changes. The update is outlined in a support page post, fixes a few bugs and also making Fitbit more...

Optus is giving away a Pixel 6a when you buy a Pixel 7 Pro

Optus has been in the press for all the wrong reasons lately with the recent data breach. While many are steadily moving on with their days following this, Optus is working to curry favour...

Google support tells us how to get 24 hours from a Pixel Watch

It's been a pretty big point of conjecture with reviewers to figure out the battery life on the Pixel Watch. Depending on the individual use case, I've seen figures between 14 hours of use...

Google’s Halloween Doodle is an interactive, multiplayer game that’s great fun

On special occasions, you can usually count on Google to do something unusual. Before Halloween tomorrow, they've done exactly that with the Google Doodle taking on a fun and interactive flavour. Players can choose to...

Google Messages working on end-to-end encryption for group messages

One of the main features that users are increasingly looking for in messaging is end-to-end encryption. Based on some Reddit user findings, it seems, Google Messages is working on adding end-to-end for group messages. This...

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