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July Security Update: Coming to a Pixel phone near you

It really shouldn't be a surprise that Pixel devices are the first to get security updates. They're Google's own devices, running their software after all. So the news that the July update...

The AFL and Google have teamed up to help overcome some lockdown and holiday...

School holidays are great for kids, it gives them a chance to slow down and break the daily grind. The problem for parents is we're often so buried in work and other commitments,...

More features could be coming to Google Messages soon

Google is clearly making a big play in the messaging market with their continued efforts on Google Messages lately. Now we're seeing message sorting appearing via the team at 9to5Google. The premise is pretty...

Google has developed a secure digital COVID Vaccine Pass store for Android

One of the mostly unsolved questions of the COVID vaccine rollout is will the so called COVID Passport or COVID Pass be used for anything? If it is, what form will the pass take...

Google Assistant Lock screen settings are now easier to find

As much as we love Google Assistant, it has to be said that over the years it has been hard to find settings related to the service on your device. T that end Google...

Google Messages features continue to roll out

We've seen a concerted effort from Google to improve its Google Messages app for a long time now. The features continue to be discovered early, leaked and now we're starting to see the...

Latest Fitbit OS update let’s you hear audible responses from Google Assistant

The latest FitbitOS release is rolling out to Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 devices. Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 users can now hear audible responses from Google Assistant, track SpO2 levels from the Today dashboard...

Google looks to be preparing an enhanced object finding network

For some time now you have been able to use the Google Find my Device app or web client to locate your Android devices including Phones, Tablets and Smart Watches. Now thanks to 9to5...

[Good Deal] Get two Nest Mini speakers for the price of one

It happens on a fairly regular basis and it's happening again, special deals on the Nest Mini speakers. The current deal -- at most online retailers -- is to buy one, get one...

Google improves their online education tools for teaching kids to be safe online.

Four years ago Google lunched 'Be Internet Awesome', an online training program designed to assist teachers and parents teach young children about safe internet behaviours. Today they have announced an expansion to the program...

Google Messages levels up security with end to end encryption

Google Messages has continued to evolve with the changing messaging market over the last 18 months. Features like RCS, reactions, tags and even automated OTP cleanup have been added. Now, providing you're...

Google drops 6 new Android features on 3 Billion devices

Well, it seems Christmas in July has come a month early with Google dropping 6 platform-wide updates to Android with everything from earthquake alerts to new features for Android auto. Several of the features...

Google is investigating over-aggressive battery optimisation behaviours from OEM partners

At some stage, you're likely to have encountered an issue with an app losing functionality in the background. This is often the result of over-aggressive battery optimisation. Stemming from a logged issue,...

Android 12 Beta points towards a new Pixel Stand Qi charger

Wireless charging had a rough start to life, with the technology only really gaining mainstream acceptance after some fruit company started including it in their eco-system lock-in devices. Now Qi charging is the dominant...

Google announces Workspaces (G-Suite) for individuals and Small Business

Google renamed their paid productivity suite from G-Suite to Workspaces in October 2020 and since then they have slowly started integrating more collaboration tools into the product line, whether you wanted them or not....

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