Preorder bonuses are increasingly becoming a part of buying devices, either outright or on contract. Sometimes these bonuses represent great value, other times they don’t. So, what’s on offer with the Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 pre-orders?

From our current information, there seem to be 2 preorder bonuses available for either device, either a $300 Google Store Credit for a future purchase, handy if you are intending on ordering more hardware and a Bonus Hardware pack including Chromecast with Google TV 4K and a Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen valued at $248 at full RRP.

The $300 Cashback is available from:

  • Google Store
  • Vodafone when purchased on a Vodafone Infinite Plan

Hardware Offer – Chromecast with Google TV 4K + Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen

  • JB HiFi
  • Officeworks

Telstra Has thor own preorder bonus but only for the Pixel 7 Pro. The preorder pack includes a Google Nest Hub (2ndGen), {ixel Buds A-Series and a Pixel Stand wireless charger. You must order before 8:59 am AEDT on 13 October 2022.

Telstra is also offering entry into a prize draw for a Google home security pack including 2 x Nest Cam, 1 x Nest Doorbell and a Nest Hub 2nd Gen, all valued at $1097 for anyone who signs up for updates from Telstra on Google Product News, if you want to hand over more of your data to Telstra head on over to the registration website.

Call out in the chat if you see any other pre-order bonuses on offer.

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I am currently arguing with Officeworks and Google on how to collect the pre-order bonus deals. Neither believes they are responsible for honouring the deal and refer me to the other party. Anyone got a screenshot of the officeworks promo?


Google for some reason or other offered me a 10% discount for pre order.


You must have subscribed to the Pixel 7 news on Google Store. I got it too. Stack with Google One (2TB+ plans) 10% credit + up to $300 back for buying Pixel 7.


If you buy the regular pixel 7, you only get $250 in Google Store credit. The $300 only applies for the pixel 7 pro


This is correct. Purchased the 7 Pro myself for the extra $50 (as well as buying the Pixel Watch). I figure all up it’d be very close to a “free” Pixel Watch when I stack my 10% coupon + Google One 10% back + all the credit-back offers.