Mobile gaming has emerged as the most preferred form of gaming. However, unless you get the right gaming phone you might not get the gaming experience you anticipated. So, are you planning to buy an android gaming phone? Do you know what to look for?

You can do almost anything with your smartphone, including gaming. For example, pokies fans can enjoy top games on prominent sites listed on the site, directly from their mobile devices. With the phone becoming a popular gaming device, manufacturers have started producing gaming-focused phones. Here are some of the factors to consider:


The smartphone’s processor is probably the first thing you should check. It is critical because it determines the device’s performance. In this regard, the faster the processor, the better it is for gaming. 

It is usually tempting to consider high-end processors. However, midrange processors are also excellent performers. When checking the processor, look at the size of transistors. For example, smaller transistors means the manufacturer can fit more in a chip hence increased performance and reduced battery consumption. 


For gaming, it is a no-brainer that you need the best display. OLED or AMOLED is the best gamers can get. They offer true blacks, a wide color range, higher brightness and high contrast ratios. Nonetheless, IPS LCD is also impressive. Although 1080p is good enough, you require more pixels for clarity meaning 1440p is more desirable. 

Apart from that, the refresh rate is also important. In this sense, 90Hz or 120Hz is great. For anything greater than that, the law of diminishing returns will kick in. it is not sensible to spend more on a device having 144Hz refresh rate display for its own sake.  


When the processors are doing some heavy-lifting, they require an efficient cooling mechanism to prevent the device from overheating. Fortunately, smartphone semiconductor technology has improved hence improving its cooling system. 

Therefore, midrange phones and flagship phones can handle heavy workloads for longer periods without overheating.  Moreover, modern smartphones have efficient cooling systems and gaming phones offer more efficient systems. 

Memory and Storage

A good gaming phone should have internal storage of at least 128GB. While 64GB is sufficient, you wouldn’t be able to play multiple games at any point. Modern games are growing in size especially with regular updates. For example, installation alone can take up to 1GB. 

In this regard, you need as much space as possible. Regarding the RAM, you need at least 6GB RAM for best performance. However, if you can get more, go for it!

Battery and Fast Charging Support

Gaming requires a lot of battery power. Therefore, you need a smartphone that has a good battery capacity. For example, a 4500mAh battery or more is fine. It will give you enough power to play games without worrying about battery percentage. 

Another important thing is fast charging support which is now a mainstream feature for modern smartphones. Fast charging ensures you don’t wait too long before your smartphone reaches enough levels to resume your game. a good gaming phone should have at least 18W fast charging support.