In the ever-evolving connected world we live in, it’s increasingly important to keep your connected devices up to date. Samsung is one of the more pro-active manufacturers when it comes to this area of security. It delivers up to 5 years of secuirty updates and four versions of OneUI for all Galaxy devices.

Continuing its recently excellent record, Samsung are already rolling out the April security patch to its S21 and S22 phones. The listed changes are somewhat generic, noting improved stability and security without specifics of what has been fixed.

It’s easy to look at specs alone when you’re buying a new device, but the after sales/long term serivce provided by manufacturers can also play a big part in buying decisions.

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samsung the cancer of android

google phones are better and got pure android version

Mark M

fanbois are the cancer of technology.

Paul Smeldey

The March 2022 update is still the latest available on my S21 Ultra.