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Android OS and Updates

Huawei is moving ahead with its alternative operating system

Since Huawei was cut off from US companies like Google a couple of years ago, rumours of an alternative operating system have been circling. It seems Huawei is finally ready to move ahead with HarmonyOS, its own bespoke operating...

Samsung announces an extended update schedule for Galaxy smartphones

If you're the type of person to hold onto your phone for years, Samsung is now a premier pick. The company today announced all Galaxy devices released since 2019 will now receive security updates for a minimum of four...

Apple TV+ is now available on Google TV

The Chromecast with Google TV streaming device was a very nice surprise when it was launched last year during Google’s I/O online conference, which brought with it a new interface and an easier way to navigate around, however it...

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 gets Google TV update

A few weeks ago, Google began pushing out its new Google TV interface for Google TV boxes and its seems the Xiaomi Mix Box 3 has received the Google TV update overnight. So what’s new with the Google TV update,...

Vodafone TV gets a software update to look much more like Google TV

Vodafone TV isn't the newest or greatest Google TV device, but it has to be one of my favourite streaming boxes around - it was cheap to buy, has been updated a number of times since it was released,...

Samsung delivers the January update to the mid-range A21s

Samsung continues to deliver on security patches across a large portion of their devices. This is important for not just the top of the range devices, but also the mid to low range since many users have those...

Its a Vivo-lution with Vivo announcing Funtouch OS to get a major overhaul

Vivo have announced that it will be overhauling its Funtouch OS to make it much closer to a stock/vanilla Android UI, with little to no added apps than currently previously and currently provided to its devices. The new, which has...

Google Pixel 4a scores a very impressive 111 on DxOMark

We have often been critical of DxOMark, especially of how some manufacturers seem to be able to game their testing systems. We've seen phones get great scores from them but in real world usage they are average...

October security patches rolling out to Pixel devices bringing with it the first bug...

One of the best things about buying a Google Pixel is the speed with which you will receive updates. Today the October security update is rolling out to supported Pixel devices -- Pixel 2 and newer. Not...

OPPO launches ColorOS 11 to bring it inline with Android version numbering

Just last week OPPO told us that they were set to launch their Android 11 version update to their operating system, ColorOS. As expected they have just launched their new ColorOS into the world. Skipping versions 8,...

Google’s Android 11 seems to have introduced bugs into Android Auto

Reports are circling that Google's latest update to Android, version 11, has not been playing well with Android Auto. There have been reports of the calendar going missing, the weather information missing and a lack of notification sounds. Along...

Google rolls out Android 11 (Go edition) with more features for more devices

Android (Go edition) was first introduced in 2018 and was designed to be used on entry level devices but provide a high quality smartphone experience. Now it has been updated to Android 11 bringing with it some new...

OPPO releasing ColorOS 11 based on Android 11 next week

This morning Google released the full stable version of Android 11 into the world and specifically mentioned "OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and realme". We have now heard from OPPO regarding their plans and it's faster than we thought it...

Android 11 rolling out to supported Google Pixel phones now!

Not much has arrived on time this year but it seems that COVID-19 and civil unrest have not slowed down Google in their work on Android 11. Good news for Pixel users (and other Android owners) because it...

Pixel 4a now has has factory images and Beta enrolment availble

If you’ve picked yourself up a Pixel 4a (or had a previous Pixel device) and enjoy messing with root or custom ROMs then you probably have needed a factory image. If you haven’t needed one, you’ve either been very...

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