Samsung has significantly improved its rollout of OS updates in recent years. While the Android 13 Beta has been available on a number of phones (recently released high-end devices), the pathway for official rollout is starting to emerge.

As a starting point, according to SamMobile, the S22 and S21 ranges are getting the update, as are Z fold and Z Flip 3 and 4 devices. If its release cycle stays true to previous years, we’re likely to see the S22 range getting updates by about the second week of October. That is, provided your carrier isn’t holding updates while they test their network compatibility.

The other device that is already slated for the update is the Galaxy A53, an affordable mid-range device.

We haven’t yet heard anything official from Samsung regarding the plans for the Android 13 rollout. So it will be interesting to see if the source for SamMobile is on the money or not.