With updates to Google workspace apps, larger screen Android devices are about to become even more functional. Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep are all getting updates that increase usability as we near the release of the Pixel tablet.

The first major update is for dragging and dropping images, text or tables between apps you’re running on a split screen. For regular users of Drive, you’ll also be able to drag files from your local navigation into your Drive app to upload them. This extends further with the ability to have two Drive instances open side by side to sort your file structure out.

Navigation through apps with keyboard shortcuts is another update that will make tablet users happy:

When using an attached keyboard, use simple and familiar shortcuts to quickly navigate around Drive, Docs, and Slides, without needing to slow down and take your hands off your keyboard.

The update is mainly complete, with the keyboard support rolling out from Thursday. The changes, as mentioned, are preparing for the Pixel Tablet, which is yet to have a confirmed release date. The changes are enough to get me to wait before investing in a new tablet until the Pixel Tablet lands.