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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Android Studio 3.6 delivers new tools to developers

Android Studio is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) provided by Google for Android Developers. The latest update to version 3.6 stable - unsurprisingly delivered as the Android 11 developer preview gains traction - brings with it some updates, tweaks...

Yet more hidden Android 11 gems uncovered

Last year not every feature from the developer preview made it to the release version of Android 10. This year it would not surprise us if the same happened again, especially given the sheer number of changes we...

What’s new in Google’s first Android 11 developer preview

Google have just release the first Android 11 developer preview to the world and with it come quite a few changes, many we won't notice but some we will. In the end Google are continuing to improve Google and...

Nokia 7.1 having software problems after Android 10 update

HMD Global's Nokia 7.1 handset is facing some woes after the recent update to Android 10 Pie, with users reporting that their phones are experiencing crashing, WiFi connections dropping, calls distorted and poor battery life. These are not issues you'd...

Google is upset with Samsung over ‘unnecessary’ changes to Android’s Kernel

Samsung, which is Google’s biggest OEM partner, is naturally also one of the closest partners, but Samsung's latest moves - including modifying the Android kernel - have seen that partnership on some rocky shores. This week, Google’s Project Zero, tasked...

Vodafone TV updated to Android 9 Pie – the latest Android TV software

Coming home from work, I was surprised to turn on my Vodafone TV streaming device to see that something had changed and looked quite different from the night before. Lo and behold, my Vodafone TV had received a software update,...

HMD is updating more of its Nokia phones to Android 10

Nokia's parent company HMD Global is adding Android 10 support to the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.1 handsets. The 7 Plus and 6.1 join the Nokia 7.1, 8.1, and 9 PureView in running the latest version of Android. It's...

‘Autofill code from Messages’ feature coming to your Android, making SMS-based 2FA even easier

Two-factor authentication is a necessary inconvenience - it makes logging into services a little slower, but adds a good amount of security. Instead of just a username and password - which someone could steal, see over your shoulder, or...

February updates roll out to supported Google Pixel devices on time

The updating of Pixel devices has been a bit haphazard as of late last year but this year they have been spot on time, for all supported Pixel devices. This continued yesterday as the February update rolled out...

Realme UI coming to their Australian devices starting this quarter

Earlier this month we saw OPPO's off-shoot, realme, introduce their new user interface -- realme UI. Supposedly a fresh breath on the UI than what OPPO's ColorOS is it is meant to be lighter in feel and closer...

Android 10 begins rolling out for Samsung Galaxy Note10+/Note10+ 5G users

Samsung Galaxy Note10+/Note 10+ 5G users are receiving a notification advising them of a major software update to Android 10, which brings with it an updated One UI 2.0 along for the ride and a slew of enhanced features...

Huawei announces the rollout of EMUI 10 for Australia

Huawei is bringing its EMUI 10 OS to Australian smartphones, bringing a new look, new feel, new features and a new Android core (based on Android 10) into the mix. There's a whole range...

Sick of Android bloatware? You’re not alone with over 50 companies writing to Google

It's an annoyance that has been around since Android first launched back in September 2008 - Android Bloatware. It seems now that over 50 company’s have also had enough and have written an open letter to Alphabet and...

Bing Lee tech Boxing Day sales now on

NSW electronics and homewares store, Bing Lee, has announced a slew of tech deals as part of the Boxing Day sales and the deals do vary depending on what your exactly after but aren’t all that bad. So let’s have...

Latest Android distribution figures released ….. by Pornhub

Earlier this year Google stopped releasing the Android Distribution figures -- most likely to stop becoming the butt of Apple's jokes. Until now we have had no idea how these figures were going but it seems that the...

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