At Ausdroid we lobby on behalf of our readers to try and encourage manufacturers to increase the useful lifespan of their digital devices.

So it’s good to hear that OPPO Australia has increased by 1 year it’s recent promise of 2 years security patches and is on the record as promising this for all their smartphones not just the flagship premium ones.

An Australian spokesperson for OPPO told Ausdroid today:

“ColorOS is based on Android with customized skin and features for the OPPO users. We work closely with Google to guarantee ColorOS version keeping up with each year’s newest Android version, in addition to that there’ll be slightly adjusted versions such as ColorOS 11.2 depending on product strategy.”

“The general policy for Android version update is to guarantee at least two newest Android versions for Find X and Reno Series (with the exception of Reno 5G and RenoZ).”

“For example, if a device launched with Android 11, we will keep update to Android 13. For most of A Series, affected by many factors, there will be one newest Android version update.”

“As for the Security Patch update, we will provide three years update for all OPPO devices. For the Find X Series, we will update the security patch once a month; for other models including the Reno and A Series, the update will be provided quarterly.”

What do you think of this increased security patch period for OPPO phones?

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Given the export restrictions on Huawei phones (my Mate 10 Pro stopped getting security updates due to this), and the deteriorating trade relations between the US and China, I think there’s a pretty good chance that Oppo (and all the other Chinese brands) will be cut off from Android updates well before the 3 year support period ends. I hope I’m wrong, but it just doesn’t look good to me. So I’m afraid I won’t be buying any Chinese phone – regardless of how good their hardware is – for the foreseeable future.

Chris Hastings

*chuckles in my same-day iOS updates* 😛

Seriously though, I thought the whole ‘2 years of software updates, 3 years of security updates’ was a Google-mandated thing that included forks of Android like ColorOS and whatever that one Huawei were (are?) mucking around with.


this article is best way to get knowledge.

Andrew Priest

If rumours of a Pixel 6XL are confirmed then I do not think it will not be enough for me to jump to Oppo.


Android fragmentation is very much alive and well. Google needs to pull their finger out, and mandate a minimum update requirement for any device using GMS.


Can you give a list of which phones this covers?


OPPO have proven that they are not to be trusted. Actions speak louder than words. I recently got rid of my R15Pro which had received no updates at all. Just got rid off my father’s A52 which was stuck on November 2018 security patch and Android 6. In my opinion, these words are nothing more than hollow promises. Better off paying a little bit more and getting the Samsung A series which get regular monthly updates.


Just got an update a couple of days ago for mine…


Promising it is one thing. Delivering it is another.
If they don’t deliver, will connedsumers who bought based on their promise be able to nail corpor-rat hides to a wall for not keeping their end of the promise?

Jamie S

For the price they charge for their flagship phones it’s still not enough.