It’s easy to get caught up in everything being on our phones these days, but the reality is many of us email or message ourselves to get data between PC and phone. It’s that exact driver that brought the new app Clipt, announced by OnePlus CEO, Peter Lau to users

Further details about the app were published in a post on the OnePlus forums, noting the driver for the apps creation:

If you’ve ever emailed yourself an image, messaged yourself on a chat app just to get something on your phone, or been annoyed with the 25MB limit on email clients then we think you will love this app!

The introduction video outlines a number of key features, including the fact it’s not going to lock you into a platform the way Apple or Google often do. On the surface, this is what I have wanted Pushbullet to be for some time and if it works, I’ll be happy to pay for it. Reading into the details though, it’s worth noting that the app will require access to your Google drive in order to offer cross-device copy and paste capability. So if you give it a crack, don’t worry that OnePlus are diving into your Drive data they need that access to make the app work for you.

If you want to take a look, you’ll need to install the Android App and Chrome extension.

What potential applications could you use Clipt to achieve?

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Good to know there’s an alternative in case the excellent Join by joaoapps becomes unavaliable for whatever reason