For many of us, our connected lives are getting more and more so. We stream media, we have connected devices and often rely on that technology. So the smart screen revolution from a couple of years ago really wasn’t a surprise, the following evolution of the platform has made it even better. Amazon has today, introduced the new generation of Echo Show devices to Australia.

Echo Show 5 – $119.99

The Echo Show 5 is the entry point into Alexa smart screens and with the new generation, we see a new low price. Don’t worry though, you won’t lose features with the 5.5-inch display still carries all of the features of the previous iteration.

The device has a better quality camera than the previous version with a built-in camera shutter for privacy. If you’ve got friends or family on an Alexa screen elsewhere, you can make great use of the “drop-in” feature.

The Echo Show 5 comes in three colours: Charcoal, Glacier White and Deep Sea Blue so you can — hopefully — find a colour to match the look of your home, or really make your devices stand out.

Echo Show 8 – $199.00

The bigger brother to the Show 5, the Echo Show 8 has a bit more built into it and a jump in price tag. Coming in at $199.00 for the device, you’ll get an upgraded screen, dual speakers for better beats making it ideal for a better entertainment experience.

The upgraded camera has a built-in shutter for privacy, and automatically zooms and frames you for video calls when you drop in on other Alexa users.

Both devices will allow you the same controls over your smart home, offer you the ability to mute the microphones and link into existing setups for routines. If you’re looking to get yourself one, you can jump onto Amazon and place a pre-order which will be shipping later this month.