TCL have delivered on their promise of a major Android OS update for the 10 Pro.

When TCL launched the 10 Pro model smartphone in Australia last year (read our review) they promised one major Android update and TCL also advised me that they commited to providing security patches on a two monthly basis for two years on its new mid-range phones.


They said these updates should be at the same time internationally for all retail purchased models rather than Australia getting them late.

Today that’s been proven to be true as the 10 Pro received a 1.4GB update upgrading the phone from Android 10 to 11.

Let’s see if they stick to their promise of providing security patches every 2 months as well.

If you have a recent model TCL phone, how often has it been updated?

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Anthony Sullivan

No sign of the Android 11 update for the TCL 10L even though it’s rolled out in other countries.