Anyone who has to, or has in the past, shared a PC with others knows how frustrating it is when your preferred settings are changed. With the additional feature of user profiles, you can each have your own working space on the same PC.

Setting up profiles is as simple as creating a new person in Chrome, then (if they have an account) log in to sync their bookmarks etc. To switch between users, simply select the desired profile. At the moment, there is a bit of a problem in that users don’t need to enter a password to switch profiles meaning:

  • Other family members — potentially kids — can access your passwords
  • This also extends to your search and browsing history

Where this could be hugely useful, is for users who use the same PC or laptop for personal and work purposes. You can create a profile for each and separate your work and home life easily. It’s a great, easy to use feature: But a touch more security around individual accounts could be a welcome future addition.