Pixel 4XL vs Pixel 5

There’s so much we love about the Google Pixel devices. They’re an excellent form factor, good cameras, good specs and perhaps most importantly they embody Google’s own vision of Android. But there are features and apps that have been absent for a while and for a variety of — quite legitimate — reasons. That feature deficit is being addressed, with a bunch of new features coming to Pixels soon.

Starting with a sports case, allowing you to take your Pixel underwater and utlise the camera:

Now, divers will be able to use their Pixel camera with the Kraken Sports’ Universal Smart Phone Housing to capture marine life and seascapes. Get access to your Pixel’s camera features, including Night Sight, Portrait Mode, Motion Photos and video directly through Pixel’s Camera app for high-quality images of you and your underwater friends.

Recorder has also taken a significant step forward lately. Not only is the voice recorder available across Pixels, but it’s also got transcriptions capabilities. This is similar to live transcribe, with the ability to also share your recordings and transcriptions with others online.

Coupled with advancement on old favourites like smart compose and new wallpapers are giving old Pixels a new lease on life. Finally, when the end of the day rolls around, the bedtime routine will help you wind down with minimal fuss:

Your Pixel can also help you catch more ZZZs with a more seamless bedtime schedule on your Pixel Stand. When you use the bedtime features in Clock with your Pixel Stand, you’ll see a new, updated bedtime screen, along with redesigned notifications to help you ease into sleep.

It’s worth noting the Pixel Stand is an accessory sold separately. That being said, these automation options are there to make our lives easier, so a bit more cash for convenience is probably a worthwhile investment.