There hasn’t been a huge amount of information about upcoming tablets from Samsung lately. So it was a pleasant surprise to see Galaxy Club over in the Netherlands note some details.

There’s not a lot of detail as yet, but what has been leaked includes some basic specs and the expected colours. It’s expected to be a 12.4-inch display — taking on the might of the iPad pro — with a suggestion of a smaller one also coming. As you’d expect, there’s likely to be a Wi-Fi only as well as a 5G version, driven by a Snapdragon 750G and carrying 4GB of RAM. Being a new release, you’ll get Android 11 and OneUI 3.1 out of the box.

The colours expected include black, silver, pink and green which appeal across a broad market. The remaining questions boil down to price and availability which, once we know more, we’ll post an update.

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Nigel Elliott

My wish would be an s7+ mini. like a 8-5 – 9 inch version with a decent screen and reasonable specs. something like that would be perfect for me to sneakily watch youtube at work.


Sodding annoying timing to hear of this, only 2 weeks after having bought an S6 lite.