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Android May security patch is rolling out

If you own a Pixel device, check for updates because the May security patch is rolling out. While not all phones get them, it's an important step in maintaining your privacy and data security...

Leak Time: The Pixel 5a is said to have a really big battery

With rumours of a pending Pixel release growing, it's not really a shock to see more leaks emerging. This time, we see some further specs on the Pixel 5a. According to their...

Suggestion of a new Google Pixel coming on June 11th

We're a little way out from the usual release cycle for Google's Pixel-branded hardware. But it's never too early to entertain some leaky goodness, this time from John Prosser at FrontPage Tech. ...

More features are coming to help make your Google Pixel perfect

There's so much we love about the Google Pixel devices. They're an excellent form factor, good cameras, good specs and perhaps most importantly they embody Google's own vision of Android. But there...

Google Pixel 4a still not here yet, how about a new mention of the...

The Google Pixel 4a has been delayed by just three months although it seems like at least six. Although Google have signalled that they are about to possibly announce the Pixel 4a in...

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