Vivo have announced that it will be overhauling its Funtouch OS to make it much closer to a stock/vanilla Android UI, with little to no added apps than currently previously and currently provided to its devices.

The new, which has been shared with Ausdroid, comes after I recently reviewed the Vivo X50 lite where I was critical about Funtouch OS, stating that, it was too more OPPO ColorOS, whilst also stating about the co-branded and similar apps available to say Google apps which are far more useful and common on android devices, stating that:

Personally, I find this many company branded apps just a little too much and I would like to see the company look at possibly removing or replacing these with Google’s own apps if possible. This can help reduce possible conflicts between Google’s own apps and the company’s for the user as you cannot uninstall Vivo branded apps.

The company has announced and shared and certainly listened to users and reviewers and will be looking to make its Funtouch OS or UI really much more closer to stock/vanilla Android UI whilst looking to remove apps that could potentially be overlapping with those available through Google enabled apps and services.

Vivo have stated that the new Funtouch OS will be made available to all future devices going forward, though no update was given for current devices like the X50 Lite for the update to the new version of Funtouch OS and we have reached out but are yet to hear back from the company directly.

You can check out the new Funtouch OS future may and will look like going forward here.

Personally I would like to see the company go a little bit further maybe look at dumping Funtouch OS altogether in favour of more Android One UI and OS, along with guaranteeing at least a minimum 2 years of both security and firmware updates (which has not been guaranteed or at least acknowledge) but I guess some small baby steps are needed before this happens and any improvement to make the user experience and interface is certainly welcomed.