I’m an unashamed fan of Ring (as a DIY security solution) having personally reviewed and self-funded a lot of Ring hardware over the last 5 years or so. Ring has just launched the Battery Video Doorbell Pro, packed with a heap of features not previously seen in the doorbell battery range.

The updated hardware brings with it features previously only available on larger, more expensive “Pro” cameras such as:

  • 3D Motion Detection
  • Bird’s Eye View
  • More accurate (less false notifications) motion alerts
  • Noise cancelling Audio+ for clear two way communication

Being an Amazon based service, you can link your Ring cameras to your Alexa speakers and screens for extra visibility and awareness around your home. You can also use the Ring app to integrate functions between cameras, such as turning lights on for surrounding cameras when motion is detected on the doorbell.

Mark Fletcher, Ring Managing Director, APAC spoke about the features and lauch, saying:

“In 2021, we announced the first doorbell to our Pro line of devices, packed with radar-technology to help improve the accuracy of outdoor motion alerts. Since then, we’ve continued to hear from customers how much they love having more precise motion detection. With Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro we’re giving customers access to our most advanced motion detection technology yet, all with the convenience of being battery-powered,”

A highlight of the upgrade is the 1536p HD Video giving the user clearer vision, and true to life colour in varied light conditions.

The Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro will be available to purchase from March 20th via Ring.com, amazon.com.au and the usual retail stores for AU$349.00

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still no 4k doorbell or 2k doorbell or 2k camera or 4k camera !

amazon ring is so behind on this